Why you should be drug testing for Opioids?

United States President, Donald Trump on October 26, 2017 (Thursday), declared the ongoing Opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency. “This epidemic is a national health emergency and as Americans we cannot allow this to continue.” he had said in the speech at white house.

According to the reports, in 2016, drug overdose has killed more people in USA than the Vietnam War; the Opioid epidemic.

It’s human nature to fight pain and suffering. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, this pain may last for days, months or even years. In order to fight back, pharmaceutical companies saw an opportunity here and products like OxyContin and Percocet came out. These were the medications that drug companies marketed through big campaigns. They got doctors to prescribe these Opioids to patients suffering from long-term pain.

Eventually, people got addicted to it and Opioid misuse started escalating at an alarming rate. This led to more people asking for Opioids which made Doctors prescribe more medicines which ultimately increased the profits of drug companies. This created a viscous cycle. People started to fall to their deaths like skittles due to Opioid abuse.

Source: National Institute on Drug abuse

Due to stringent laws enforced by the government agencies, people have a resorted to cheaper and easily available drug, Heroin. Another evil to enter in this epidemic is the synthetic Opioid called Fentanyl. This drug is manufactured illegally for non-medical purposes. This gave a rise to other types of Opioid overdoses apart from painkillers.

No matter how hard the agencies tried to curb the rising deaths due to overdose, addicts solicited to cheaper, perilous methods. When in 2012, physicians in US wrote 259 million prescriptions for Opioid painkillers, youths and teens started misusing their parent’s medicine. Family members or relatives of patients started Opioid abuse. Some states even had more Opioid prescriptions per person compared to other states.

This increased abuse of painkiller overdose is exactly why there should be drug testing for Opioids. The federal services and government are trying all they can to crack down on the hoodlums in order to stop the deaths bred by overdose.

Government has also propelled medication assisted treatment like Methadone and Buprenorphine for the people who have been a part of the addiction. There are drug test kits for Opioids easily available. This test kits easily helps to figure out whether a drug from the Opiate family has been used recently or not.

Finding out drug addiction can help reduce the long term harmful effects, thereby saving a life.

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